Botanical Art

Botany beautiful plants lately?


Edible Landscapes Dallas offers interior plant design & maintenance services for both homes and offices. We assist clients in maintaining their houseplants, orchids, interior wall gardens, air plants, cacti, & succulents. Our botanical art includes succulent containers, dried floral wreaths, succulent wreaths, vertical wall planters, and terrariums. If you prefer live plants over fresh flowers, shop with ELD for the holidays and we can deliver a custom made botanical arrangement for any occasion. 

Our weekly maintenance plan for interior plants includes watering, pruning, treating for pests, and fertilizing. Maintenance starts at $50.00 per visit (prices may vary based on quantity of plants)


Our best-seller is the succulent picture frame. We have standard sizes small, medium, and large. We can also custom build a frame in a specific size for any space. 

Botanical Art Services

  • Interior Plant Design for Residences & Offices
  • Custom Terrariums
  • Event Decor
  • Window Displays
  • Interior Maintenance for Homes & Offices